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Barbara King - Paintings

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Seed Heads Late Summer; Poppies and Thistles; Through the Cracks; Rosebay Willowherb with Meadow Cranesbill and Creeping Thistles; August Fields with Ragwort.

The next challenge was to find the names for these humble plants. Some have wonderful descriptive names such as Hawksbeard, Cranesbill, willowherb and bird’s foot trefoil, names that nod days gone by.  The process of finding there names reminded me outings with my mother when we would go into the country clutching our Observer book of wild flowers and try to identify the plants by their petal quantity, colour, leaf shape and formation.  Not as easy as it looks as there are so many that are alike and I apologise to real enthusiasts if I have any incorrectly named!

From late last summer I have been working on paintings inspired by plants in the Norfolk hedgerows observing their changing forms and colours, their simple and complex designs their interaction with rain, sun and wind. These paintings in acrylic on paper are gestural and textural produced almost exclusively with the aid of palette knives and other mark making objects and are the result of my time spent studying, photographing and sketching these gems of the countryside.                   

Winter Hedgerow; About to Blow; Poppies in a Field; Thistledown in a Field; Reds and Golds of Auumn.

Ladies Bedstraw with Common Mallow, Hawksbeard and Daisies;       

Time Stands Still; Meadow Cranesbill, Cowparsley and Elder

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