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Shadow Patterns

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Inevitably Shadow Patterns got me looking at other shadows a few of which, inspired by a sunny weekend at Swanage jazz festival are shown above. I was likewise inspired by the paper lanterns in Jazz tent which I reproduced in a selection of colours.

Jazz man 1; Jazz man 2; ; Shadows on a Beach lll; Blue lanterns, Green Lanterns, Peach coloured Lanterns and Gold Lanterns

Paintings on this page:

Almost Japanese; Cane Chair and Rubber Plant; ‘Blue’; Flames of Ctenanthe; Green Martians; Cyclamen on a tiled floor I; cyclamen on a tiled floor II; Simply Vine.

Spotlight on Cordyline; Lit from below; Venetian Blue; Shadows of Dragon Tree; Overshadowed; Moonshadows.