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Barbara King - Paintings

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Looking inland to the Norfolk countryside, the gentle roll of the terrain allows views of distant fields - quadrants of colours, angles obtuse and acute, sharpening and widening, rising and falling, morphing from fat to slim as viewpoints change. Crops, bounded by hedges and lanes, form arbitrary juxtapositions, some complementary some contrasting - vibrant yellow, and reds, pinks and purples, sea green and honey white.

In constant flux they change throughout the seasons informed by the transforming light - the mellow dusk of autumn, winter bleak and stark, glaring bright of spring and golden rays of summer and throughout the day from dawn’s first light to the dark of night.

The paintings capture glimpses of transitory scenes. Slices of countryside in combinations of colours which may never reoccur in quite the same way.  Views to be caught and appreciated when seen.

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Paintings on this page:Poppies and Cornfield; Summer Fields Ringstead; Lavender at Dersingham; Sunrise at the old Sculthorpe Airfield; Spring Crop and Silver Birch; Remains of the Hay.

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