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Ain’t Cows Great! Their doleful eyes and interminable munching, their hook bones sticking out through their patterned, coloured or furry hides like clothes props.

One of my patrons said ‘ More Cows Please’ and I am happy to oblige. These cows are all small studies in watercolour and on the next page you can see some larger works in oil.

The sunlight on the plump back sides of the sheep in Holman Hunt’s ‘Our English Coasts’ is always uppermost in my mind when looking at these animals.  I like their indignant but suspicious air, the way their lambs frolic and gambol.  The first painting is Ellerburn on the Yorkshire Moors, the second are sheep we came across high up on the Penine Way in the Yorkshire Dales and the last one is on the Isle of Skye on New Year’s Eve.

There are many muddy mucky smart pigs living all over Norfolk in piggy towns made up of round roofed huts and straw bales.  They are inquisitive, happy and fun.  Great characters to paint as can be seen by ‘Muddy Nose’ to the left.

At the Trough; Black and pink Pigs I and II; The back of beyond


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