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This year I have returned to a favourite theme of mine - boat reflections. Inspired by working boats in harbours and shores, I have worked up a number of paintings homing in on the reflected image of the source subject.  To add ‘grist’ to the process I have chosen acrylic paint - a relatively new medium to me with many different properties to oils so the whole experience of painting had to be re-considered and examined in a way which made the adventure fresh and exciting. Also Fireworks!  More details to follow.

Fruit and veg!


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  Continuing my adventure with acrylic paint I proceeded to work on a   batch of small fruit, veg and flower still life paintings which I then   mounted on highly coloured dual backgrounds of various orientation   set into small deep box frames.  The result - a veritable market stall    of lush produce, bright and fresh and looking ready to eat!

Next Exhibition:

The Other Stuff!

Fri 16th to Sun 18th August 2019

Ringstead Village Hall,

High Street, Ringstead, PE36 5JU

10am to 5pm

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